Steelers WR Antonio Brown Pays Tribute To Kimbo Slice And Jose Fernandez With Some Incredible Cleats

Image via Instagram

Pittsburgh Steelers All-Pro wide receiver Antonio Brown's, arguably, the best pass-catcher in the NFL right now, as he makes a living torching helpless defenders and putting up insane numbers week in and week out.

Brown also happens to be one of the flashiest players in the league, not only showing off his dance moves following touchdowns, but also wearing some fly cleats that are one-of-a-kind—and the ones he'll be wearing this week are just amazing.

Paying tribute to recently deceased athletes Kimbo Slice of MMA glory and Jose Fernandez from MLB's the Miami Marlins, Brown is tipping his cap to the fallen superstars with the classy gesture.

Brown, who has been fined by the league recently for his bold cleat designs and/or asked to change his shoes, plans on wearing these for pre-game warmups only, according to TMZ Sports, so here's hoping the NFL doesn't ruin his tribute to the former athletes.

Kudos to Antonio Brown for the move.

H/T TMZ Sports

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