Summer Sunglasses Guide: Shades Inspired By Movies And TV Shows

Have you ever been watching a movie when all of a sudden you come across one of the actors wearing a bomb-ass outfit? No? Are you suuurrree? It's okay, just because you're a dude doesn't mean you can't admit to having an interest in fashion. In fact, I know some of you who care more than women. It's not a DNA flaw, I promise.

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I'm sure it's happened and what I'm even more sure of is that 99.9% of you didn't bother to research the outfit—whether it's the shoes, pants, or more specifically (for the purposes of this article) the sunglasses.

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See, I'm a HUGE sunglasses snob. It's okay to admit that because I literally couldn't care less about any other material item (other than handbags, but let's ignore that one). I think we're all entitled to splurge in the name of vanity every now and again and it's great with sunglasses because you get SO much use out of them. Of course, you can wear them all-year-round, but their the most appropriate in the summer.

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That being said, I went ahead and perused the internet for some iconic sunglasses moments that featured not only stylish, but affordable (HAHA, I'm totally kidding, most of these are pricey AF, but WORTH IT).

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Look at it this way, you spend money on clothes you'll wear once or twice and then have to throw out by way of stains, rips, holes, natural deterioration—but with sunglasses, they will literally last you a lifetime and the best part is most brands have warranties for free repairs! So uh, get to shopping, Gentleman.

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