10 Tattoo Fail Stories Told By Artists Themselves

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We hope these tattoo horror stories don't scare you from getting inked. We love tattoos! In fact, we think they're freakin' sexy — on women. If nothing else, let these tattoo fails be a learning lesson. Tattoo artists do this sh*t for a living. They ARE smarter than you. You wouldn't argue with a doctor of a prognosis, would you? Then why go against what your tattoo artists is telling you? Chances are you'll be left with some ink that you're going to sorely regret and who the heck wants that!? They are permanent after all.


The following question was posed by Reddit user, noveltyusername and we thought it best to relay the answers. If we can prevent just one drunk college dude from tattooing his fraternity letters to his ass cheek, we'll be happy.

"Tattoo artists of Reddit, what's the worst tattoo you've tried to talk someone out of, but they insisted you give it to them anyways?"

Surprise, Lisa!

Listen To The Artist, People


Politically Incorrect

Why, Just, WHY?


Stranger Danger

Pennywise, Is That You?

Psycho Client

Now That's A Good Friend Right There

Again, we're seriously hoping that some these horror stories convinced you guys to listen to the damn professionals. If you're interested in reading more failed tattoo anecdotes, head on over to Reddit.

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