The 12 Best Things To Buy For Your Brother This Christmas

Christmas shopping is near-impossible without someone telling us what to buy. Thankfully, here's just that...

01  The 
Duppy Share rum

£29.95, 31dover.com

This tropical caramel number 
is perfect for the
man with a sense of adventure.

02  Anki Overdrive kit

£149, anki.com

Scalextric is a 
thing of the past, old man. In the future, cars are controlled by 
your smartphone.

03  The Martian Chronicles by Ray Bradbury

£33.95, folio

The master of sci-fi muses on space travel and thwarted utopian dreams.

04  Marvel Avengers Titan Hulkbuster figure


“Hulkbuster SMASH! (up your living room)”. Less good at tidying up.

05  Kylo Ren lightsaber

£36.99, forbidden

We’ve no idea what Star Wars is, but this laser-sword looks cool. Don’t mix with the rum.

06  The Chronic 
by Dr Dre

£26, urban

A classic, straight outta Compton 
to your kid brother’s fledgling record collection.

07  Deus Ex Machina T-shirt

£75, seven

This badass motorcycle brand will earn your bro street cred, even without a bike.

08  Asics Gel-Super J33 2 trainers

£79.99, sportsshoes.com

Keep your sporty Adonis bro in wingman-material shape with the best runners out there.

09  Nike Ordem 3 football

£94.99, kitbag.com

You could have the skills of Ronaldo, but it counts for nothing without Nike’s official 
ball at your feet.

10  Leica D-Lux camera

£825, leica-store

The most stylish camera of all time gets an upgrade. (Actually, this could be one to keep.)

11  Ex Nihilo Cologne 352 EDP

£150 for 50ml, ex-nihilo-

Lemon, crushed leaves and white musk = perfect pulling power.

12  Poler 
sleeping bag

£107, bluewhiteandgrey.com

Perfect adventure-wear, even if you’re only going as far as the fridge during the ad break.

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