'The Bad Batch' Is A Brutal Cannibalistic Movie That You Must See (Good News — It's On Netflix Right Now)

Image Via YouTube

We would like to clarify that the headline is strictly satirical and in now way do we condone eating people. It's likely that you already knew that, but we figured we'd clarify for good measure. We weren't down with cannibalism in Silence Of The Lambs and we're not exactly all for it now. That being said, The Bad Batch looks freakin' boss!



As per the official Netflix homepage for The Bad Batch:

"Banished to a wasteland of undesirables, a young woman struggles to find her feet among a drug-soaked desert society and an enclave of cannibals."

The film comes in at just under 2 hours and is most definitely rated R. The additional description referred to the film as a blending of Mad Max and Pretty in Pink. We have no idea how that's remotely possible, but, hey! We're looking forward to watching.

Starring alongside Keanu Reeves, Jim Carrey and Jason Momoa is total bombshell, Suki Waterhouse. We bring you Exhibit A:



We can't speak for everyone, but post-apocalyptic is the way to go right now! The way things are shaping up in 2017, this movie might be more of a survival guide than means of entertainment. Of course, we hope that's not the case, but there's no such thing as being too prepared, right?

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