The Best Summer-Ready Watches For Every Holiday

No matter where your sunny travels are taking you, these are the under-£250 timebombs to keep track of the good times…


A romantic city break in Paris

Smarter, simpler and more sophisticated than your lucky date-night shirt, this luxury ticker will scream, “Look how much effort I’ve made for you!” as you spectacularly fail at ordering egg and chips in French.

£215, larrsonandjennings.com


A poolside chill-out in Italy

This watch may be as stripped back as you are when you’re wearing just your swimmers, but it’s still more eye-catchingly cool than tanned, tanked Mario over there strutting around in his nut-hugging trunks and knock-off Ray-Bans.

£47.50, shop.swatch.com


An epic road trip trough the USA

Forget Route 66 – instead, cover the 1,400 miles between New Orleans and Wyoming for an authentic trip through the homeland of American blues music. Only a driving-inspired beast like this will do.

£249, Citizen at watchshop.com


A father/son fishing trip to Ireland

Can you tell your Ally Shrimp from your Willie Gunn? If you haven’t the foggiest when it comes to classic salmon flies, bluff your way as a true hero of the outdoors with this rugged yet stylish piece.

£49.99, timex.co.uk


A beachside festival in Croatia

Stash your valuables in the sand as you and this beach-ready digital head out on a boat party. No excuses for not bombing off the side of HMS Happy Hardcore when this is on your wrist.

£160, nixon.com


A 72-hour blowout in Ibiza

When pushing your mind, body and sanity to the limits in the Balearics, the last thing you need is a buggered watch to send you doolally. The nuke-proof G Shock has your back.

£150, G Shock at couvertureandthegarbstore.com


An Oktoberfest pilgrimage to Germany

Even after 16 steins filled with Herr Schnitzelfurter’s 14.6% turbo stout, you’ll still be able to confirm that it’s a perfect time for an afternoon nap with this crisp and clear face.

£249, Mondaine at watchshop.com 

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