How To Keep Awesome Style While In The Great Outdoors

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Forget the baggy overalls and fishing hat your grandpa used to wear every summer camping trip, because the rules of mastering the Great Outdoors have changed.

With the cooler nights on their way and autumn just around the corner, we give you the must-have essentials for looking and feeling good when you're roughing it out there.

Reach Your Peak


Layering isn’t just for Arctic expeditions, it also works a charm while 
you tackle that mountain of paperwork 
on your desk. Throw a thin jumper over 
a polo neck,
 add a jacket 
and you’ll definitely find your pinnacle.

Catch The Feeling


Here’s a look you definitely don’t want to 
let off the 
hook: different textures are 
big news for autumn. Teddy fur and corduroy will help to land 
you a new job/girlfriend/jumbo mackerel.

Fight The Cold


With block colors on 
your jacket, backpack and bobble hat, you’ll avoid the deep freeze and gain a bonus nostalgic back-to-school vibe while you’re at it. 
When did the cooler weather ever stop you as a kid?

Find Your Style


The great outdoors no longer means you have to 
lose your slick sartorial ways. Stay on the right path by choosing a nomadic or native print shirt for an authentic I-live-in-the-woods-and-hunt-for-my-dinner vibe.

Aim To Mismatch


Clashing prints can sometimes feel like a bit of a wardrobe misfire. But trust us, they’re worth a shot. For the ideal outdoors-cool look, zero in on pairing plaid or chunky checks with a smaller, subtle pattern.

Rock The Coat


If a parka can work for the Caribou Inuits, the jacket’s frosty pioneers who made theirs from fur and seal skin 
to wear in temperatures as low as -33˚C, we’re pretty sure it can stand up to whatever you throw at it.

Follow The Leader


Whether you’re trekking to 
the top of a wind-shredded hill or standing on a rain-
battered terrace, you can trust West Midland brand Luke to have your back with its lightweight offerings.

Fall For Fur


It may split opinions, but we mean it when we say fur isn’t just for the ladies. Unless you’re P Diddy, stick to the small details, like these fold-down worker boots from Palladium.

Look The Part


Khaki is 
the classic color for late-summer and early fall. But don’t limit it to just your coat this season, add jeans, a scarf and boots and you’ll be the leader of 
your pack.

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