The Internet Is Giving Tom Brady So Much Sh*t For The Stupid '90s Haircut That He Just Got

Image via Instagram/allabouttombrady

Look, I'm not going to say anything bad about New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady—after all, the guy is a stud, proving that with four Super Bowl rings, a supermodel as a wife and the fact that he's as handsome and charming as they come.


Unfortunately, as stylish and great as Brady is, he will, sometimes, make questionable decisions—especially when it comes to his hair styles. And after the future Hall of Famer showed up to a press conference with a haircut that resembled Jonathan Taylor Thomas circa 1996, the Internet made sure they blasted him for it.

Suspended for the first four games of the season because of Deflategate, maybe Brady was just looking to stay inconspicuous, change up his look to go unnoticed and avoid becoming a distraction for the team—looks like that shit backfired hard.

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