The 'Jordan Dub Zero' Are The Rare Pair Of Air Jordans You Need To Get Yourself This Fall

Image via NiceKicks

As someone who has always owned Air Jordans, I can't help but continue to hunt for the rarest pairs online, always making sure that the hottest releases kicks are at the top of my list. And while I'm not sneakerhead, I'll admit to dropping a couple hundred or so on some J's if I like them enough.

One of the most stylish pairs that are set to be released are these "Jordan Dub Zeros," which are a hybrid design that were once meant to keep counterfeiters from duplicating the then secret Air Jordan XX. Check these things out and tell me they aren't on fire!

With two different designs—a neon green and grey, and an "Oreo"—the "Jordan Dub Zeros" are the ideal shoe to wear during the upcoming fall season, as they complement a pair of jeans as well as some joggers. No details yet on when they're set to release into retail, but be sure to throw some elbows if you're like me and want to snag a pair.


Images courtesy of US11

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