All The Movies And TV Shows Netflix Is Adding And Dropping In June, 2017 (Which Is Vital Info To Know)

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Welp, we've survived the winter and spring, fellas, meaning those long summer nights are nearly here. And, while most of us would prefer to be outside enjoying the warmth, staying in and watching our favorite movies and TV shows on Netflix is never a bad idea—hell, we've even done it while camping before!

Even if you're not quite as extreme of a binge-watcher as we are, that doesn't mean you still don't want to know what movies and TV shows the video streaming service will be adding and dropping once the calendar turns to June.

So, without further ado, here's what to keep an eye out for on Netflix next month.


Available June 1

Available June 2

Available June 3

Available June 4

Available June 5

Available June 7

Available June 9

Available June 10

Available June 13

Available June 14

Available June 15

Available June 16

Available June 17

Available June 18

Available June 20

Available June 21

Available June 23

Available June 26

Available June 27

Available June 28

Available June 30

There are some good films in there, guys. And, in addition to those, the highly-anticipated Netflix original series El Chapo—the story of Mexican druglord Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman—is set to be released.

As for what to expect to vanish, here's what you should try to sneak in before they go bye bye from Netflix.

Leaving June 1

Leaving June 6

Leaving June 8

Leaving June 9

Leaving June 14

Leaving June 15

Leaving June 16

Leaving June 19

Leaving June 23

Leaving June 24

Leaving June 29

Leaving June 30

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