The NFL's Getting Smart, Will Finally Consider Eliminating 'Thursday Night Football' Games

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Just the other day, my buddy and I were having a pretty serious conversation about why the NFL's seen dipped ratings this year, as more and more people seem to be tuning out pro football than in the past. While we couldn't solve the exact problem, one of the theories was simple: Too much of a diluted product way too often.

Well, the NFL might finally be realizing that themselves.

According to FOX Sports, the most dominant league in professional sports are having discussions about eliminating the oft-unpopular Thursday Night Football games—which then to be divisional matchups between bad teams.

According to Mike Florio, the league could possibly end it’s regularly scheduled Thursday night games following decreased ratings and on-field performances across the board.

The NFL’s Thursday Night Football contract with CBS and NBC ends after the 2017 season. This presents the perfect opportunity for the NFL owners to end TNF for good.

Players will certainly agree with any decision eliminating the early games. They have little-to-no time to rejuvenate, practice properly, or implement a full game plan in four days.

There's no guarantee that this will happen, but, seeing as how football fans had to sit through one of the worst weeks of football this past Sunday—thanks to the three Thanksgiving Day games—as well as matchups on Thursday Night Football such as the Tennessee Titans-Jacksonville Jaguars and Cleveland Browns-Baltimore Ravens, it makes sense that ratings are plummeting and a change needs to be discussed.

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