The World's Best After-Sex Omelette


“D’ya know who sponsored my first-ever snowboard movie? An omelette restaurant. For real. DJ’s 24-Hour Diner, out in the resort of Vail, Colorado, coughed up $300 right out of the till to help me out. I lived there for four seasons in the ’90s, and I’d eat there ’cos it was dirt cheap for a three-egg omelette any hour of the day.

If I needed power food to get out and board, or if I needed to sober up, DJ’s was open. I went there so much that they just frickin’ hired me in the end, and it’s there that I perfected my omelette skills.

“This recipe is the greatest one there is. After sex, women can keep on going. Sadly, us men need a bit of a break. We need a power boost, and this omelette is pure power. It’s protein, it’s veg, it’s bacon – it hits all of the major food groups. If you like going in for seconds and thirds, this is the thing that’ll get you there.”


Cooking time

10 mins



2 rashers of smoked bacon

1 onion

2 mushrooms


3 free range eggs


Sea salt and black pepper

Monterey Jack cheese

3 tomatoes

1 avocado

Mild chilli powder



“First, get Rock With You by Michael Jackson on the speakers,” DJ BBQ says. “Don’t ask me why, but it’s the raddest omelette-making music.” Once you’ve done that, chop up the bacon and fry it, then slice the onion and mushrooms and sauté them. Remove from the pan.


Melt some butter in the pan on a medium-low heat. “Use butter, not oil,” says DJ BBQ. “It just tastes better.” Crack the eggs in a bowl with a dash of milk and whisk. Add salt and pepper, and fry in the warm pan.


“Don’t you dare add ingredients yet,” DJ BBQ says. “That is not how to make an omelette.” Cook the eggs through first, then sprinkle on the cheese and place the tomatoes, bacon, mushroom, onion and some of the avocado over one half. Fold it over to encase the lot and remove from the pan. Garnish with avocado and chilli powder.


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