Cheating, Ignorance And Bad Manners Among Biggest Relationship Deal-Breakers (But There're Plenty More)

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There's a very good chance that you have some morals. And because you do, it's important to measure those up against anyone whom you ever date, form a romantic relationship or get really serious with.

Since we all have a few things that would commonly be known as deal-breakers—whether those are things we must-have or things the other person must not have—the dating app Sapio decided to survey 2,000 people to see exactly what some of those may be. Here are some of the results, via their research.

So, as one could have probably guessed, any form of cheating is considered to be the biggest deal-breaker out there, regardless of gender.

The study also wondered if relationships get any easier as time passes, asking respondents to list some of the things they value the most in their partner over time.

As for deal-breakers for those who are married, here's what Sapio's study found to be the biggest reasons people end things with their significant other.

Interesting information from Sapio—which has more details and results from the study on its blog.

Bottom line is this: If you're unhappy in a relationship, no matter how difficult it is to end things, communicating problems or changed feelings to your partner is always a better alternative than cheating or deliberately hurting them.

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