This Dirty Optical Illusion Of Cute Woman With A 'Gigantic Penis' Will Make You Crack Up

Image via Imgur

Remember a couple of months ago when we gave you all of those dirty optical illusions that took your mind to a very bad place? Well, there's another one that's making the rounds on the Internet today—and it'll make you crack the hell up.

If you're not laughing like you did that time your buddy in middle school at a concoction of leftover food, something might seriously be wrong with you. Come on, guys, that's ridiculous!

Not only does the lady appear to have a "penis," but it's about the largest cock on the entire planet, flopping down from her waist to her kneecaps.

Fortunately, it's just a weird shadow that's causing the strange optical illusion—we think? It's things like this that make us remember that, no matter what our birth certificate says, we'll always remain a 13-year-old with dirty humor.


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