This Is Not A Photo Of Kendall Jenner Lying Naked On A Horse

There are a few ways to get a million likes on Instagram.

You could do a casual group selfie with your mates...

If only Bradley's arm was longer. Best photo ever. #oscars

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Or post a picture of your adorable cat...

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Another way to rack up those favourites is to be Kendall Jenner - absurdly famous supermodel and FHM's Sexiest Woman In The States - and to say, I don't know, take off all your clothes and rest elegantly atop a noble horse.

The thing is, she doesn't even need to be the woman in the picture.

Various sources are reporting that the woman in the photo is actually a jaw-smackingly beautiful Paris-based model named  Elisa Meliani, who appears to be thrilled by the Kardashian-levels of exposure, even expressing her gratitude to Kendall on her own eye-popping Instagram.

So, yeah...

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