Tom Brady Trolls The Hell Out Of Houston Texans After His Patriots Won Last Night

Image via Instagram/erikkaaa____

New England Patriots suspended quarterback Tom Brady may not have participated in his team's 27-0 thrashing of the Houston Texans on Thursday Night Football last night, but that didn't stop the four-time Super Bowl champ from sharing his feelings on social media.

Taking to his Facebook page, Brady trolled the Texans hard by posting the below image, poking fun of the fact that, yep, his Pats teammates weren't too scared of "messin' with the Texans."

Brady has a long history of sharing some amusing stuff on social media, and it doesn't look like a little suspension from actually playing in games is going to hold him back from taking shots at opponents online. Guess this is just another reason for the haters to sack Tom Brady—although, come on, it's funny.

H/T FOX Sports

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