WATCH: How To Master A Perfect, Summer-Winning Barbados Punch

Whack these ingredients into a massive jug, ice it up, pour it out, kick back and get your face in the scorching sun…

“One of sour, two of sweet, three of strong, four of weak.” As memorable rhymes go, this one doesn’t really have the sticking power of, say, the Um Bongo advert. But these 12 words hold the key to opening up your summer to unbelievable levels of increda-brilla-sexy-coolness. This rhyming formula is the age-old bartender-only code to perfecting a summer punch.

Gone are the days of raiding your mum’s dusty booze cabinet, hurling a crusty bottle of port in with a cherryade and hoping you’ve not birthed a genetic freak with the power to make you pass out before the barbecue gets lit. This year, with this code, we’re declaring that every manly outdoors cook-out be accompanied by an expertly executed, mouth-bustingly tasty pitcher of booze.

To prove it, we enlisted Max Chater, master distiller at Bump Caves bar in London, to put it into practice…

Summer-winning Barbados Punch

One part lime juice: Juice a buttload of fresh limes. We did 40. We say ‘we’. We mean the intern.

Two parts strawberry sugar syrup: Dissolve sugar in water over heat, simmer with strawbs, cool, strain.

Three parts rum: Walk to your local offy, pick out a bottle and hand over the required legal tender.

Four parts rooibos tea: Brew a load of mugs of the stuff, like you do at work for your pals. Leave to cool.


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