WATCH: The Secret To Getting Ripped Like Jake Gyllenhaal In Southpaw

When you think of Jake Gyllenhaal, you don’t immediately think ‘ripped’, do you? But that’s exactly what the actor became for his role as junior middleweight champion Billy Hope in the upcoming gritty boxing movie Southpaw.

He put on 15lb of muscle in such a short space of time (quite the contrast to the 30lb he lost to play Lou Bloom in Nightcrawler) that his training secrets have pretty much gone viral overnight.

The gruelling routine included spending hours in the gym twice a day, every day, and doing 1,000 sit-ups each morning and 1,000 each night. And, reportedly, doing insanely difficult things like lifting massive tyres and breaking up with this girlfriend so he had more time to train.

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Don’t have six hours a day spare to kill it in the gym like Jake Gyllenhaal? Quite enamoured with your girlfriend?

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