What Does Your Sleeping Style Say About You?

We're not sure if you've heard about this yet, but it's pretty cold outside. That might be because it's winter. Yes, all logic points to these two facts being interlinked.

And in the cold dark wintery nights, you may have noticed a dire need for something other than your birthday suit to protect you from the chill creeping underneath your duvet in the middle of the night. Something soft, cosy and warm. Like Pajamas.

We genuinely believe that every gent should look as good after dark as he does in the day, so hear us out, and follow our man-friendly pajama-wearing guide.

What your sleeping style says about you

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01  The Cannonball


Why: An avalanche may have crushed you in your former life, but it’s more likely you’re cold because you’re only wearing boxers.

Wear : Quality cotton, clean-on boxers are a must. For bonus points, get yourself some matching socks – keeping your feet toasty will help warm up the rest of your body.


02  The Starfish


Why: You’re a man who wants it all and that goes for space in the bed, too. With this much on show, you’ll need some snazzy garms.

Wear : Le Coq Sportif has been making sporting goods since 1882 and this tracky is the comfiest thing this side of comfysville. What other threads can you bowl straight out of bed and go to the shop in, while looking semi-acceptable?


03  The Erratic Snoozer


Why: You’re prone to fitful sleep and you need an outfit that can handle all the twists and turns you’ll give it.

Wear : A simple jersey onesie, like this classic from Next, is all you’ll want to keep you snug in the colder months.


04  The Tombstone


Why: You’re a straight-up guy, and you need the attire to match.

Wear: There’s nothing as homely as a t-shirt that’s moulded to your very shape after hundreds of wears since its inspired purchase at the band’s reunion tour in the early ’90s. Pair with a decent pair of bottoms, such as these ones from Libertine Libertine.

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