Why An Extra Hour's Sleep Every Night Will Drastically Improve Your Love Life, As Per An Expert

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It might be teetering towards the obvious, that getting a bit of extra shut eye the night before will get you and your well-rested girlfriend in the mood the next day. But the sleep-happy among you can rejoice, as a new study published by the Journal of Sexual Medicine has confirmed that if a woman in a romantic relationship gets one extra hour of sleep per night, her sex drive (and the likelihood you'll engage in sex) will improve by 14%. More sleep = the potential for more sex. Win-win for everyone.

But if you're one of those insomniac-types who struggles to nod off, tips from our sleep expert Professor Adrian Williams about how to drift off to snooze town might be exactly you're looking for. Remember, the more you stress about sleeping, the less likely it will happen. Be sure to take a deep breathe, relax, and follow the advice below. We promise, you can't go wrong.

There’s no magic number


“It’s a myth that everybody should have nine hours of sleep every night. The truth is that that’s an average across society: 50% of people may need more and 50% of people may need less. So the actual range is between four and 10 hours, depending on the person. If you feel great after just four hours’ sleep, then that’s probably all that you need…”

Nod off with your nose in a book


“We live in a 24/7 society where people are constantly exposed to too much light in the evenings from things like computers and smartphones. Using brightly lit objects such as these can delay your body clock. If you find reading helps you relax before bed, try picking up a real book instead of getting out your iPad or Kindle.”

Turn off your blue light


“Light exposure automatically switches off your melatonin secretion, which is the substance that you make at night to help you sleep. Blue light is the main stimulus of the body clock. We often prescribe blue-light treatment in the mornings to shift the body clock. But if you’re exposed to blue light in the evening, it will delay it. You can actually get apps now that block out blue light so it affects you less in the evening.”

Sex and snooze


“Too many people fill their bedroom with technology such as televisions and computers, or they keep their smartphone at a constant arm’s length. Using your bedroom for things other than sleep and sex distorts the idea of what the bedroom is for, and that hampers your ability to get into the right mindset for sleep.”

Exercise won’t wipe you out


“You might think an evening gym session will burn off lots of energy and wipe you out for a good night’s sleep, but it actually does the opposite. It raises your body temperature, which can throw your body clock, and also generates adrenaline, which will disturb your sleep. Keep your exercises to the morning or late afternoon so you can read just before bed.”

Sleep when you’re tired


“Obviously it’s not always realistic, but you should only go to bed when you’re tired and make sure that you wake at a regular time. Most insomniacs spend too much time in bed: they try to sleep when they’re not tired and just end up lying there. Go to bed when you’re sleepy. If you’re awake tossing and turning, you shouldn’t be in bed. Get up and be productive.”

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