Women Share The Worst 'Compliments' That Men Can Say To Them

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Not long ago, we gave you the derogatory nicknames that men often refer to ladies as, with things like "bird" and "doll" finding their way towards the top of the list.

While we should all try to avoid calling women those terms—unless we want to get slapped—there are other things that guys might want to hold back from as well: cheesy compliments.

Sure, dropping a little icebreaker on a woman to get her attention and strike up a conversation is important, but you'll want to avoid these—because ladies on Reddit admitted they absolutely hate them!

Yeah, some of those are understandably terrible—especially any that are so lewd and inappropriate that you deserve a swift nut punch.

To see some of the other worst compliments that men can tell women, check out the entire thread over on Reddit.


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