Would You Forgive Scarlett Johansson For This Soul-Crushing Spoiler?

Warning: Spoilers. Probably.

We all know and love Scarlett Johansson as an insanely talented, extremely likeable actress, even when she's playing a murderous alien wandering aimlessly through Glasgow, like in Under The Skin.

But she’s also kind of hilarious, which is why she hosted American comedy sketch show Saturday Night Live over the weekend. Fans of boxing will know that the big Mayweather vs Pacquiao fight took place on the same evening.

Obviously, the cast of Saturday Night Live couldn’t watch the fight. Because they were at work, and Saturday Night Live is indeed filmed live.

So when Scarlett congratulated the winner in her goodbye monologue, it’s plain to see that some of the cast were utterly devastated that their after-show plans had been ruthlessly destroyed with just a few words.

Watch their individual reactions here…

Spoiler-ing stuff for people is seriously not cool. There are rules (that we made up) to deal with such a crime. But what we really want to know is: could you forgive Scarlett for such a soul-crushing spoiler? What if it had been about _Game Of Thrones_? _The Walking Dead_? Or _Breaking Bad_, back in the day? Here's why we'd forgive her... **She's a right laugh, whether she's spoiling stuff or not**

We can't really argue with this face

She'd probably kick our arses if we didn't


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