The 10 best movie heists of all time

Posted by , 30 June 2009

Die Hard with a Vengeance

The bandit: Jeremy Irons plays Simon Gruber, a former East German special forces officer and the brother of Hans, who John McClane dropped off the top of the Nakatomi Plaza building in Die Hard. He’s still kind of pissed about it.

The loot: $140 billion dollars of gold bullion stored inside the vaults of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. Quite a hefty wedge.

The plan: Having distracted the NYPD with a bomb at the World Trade Centre, and McClane with a sadistic game of ‘Simon Says’ (including walking through Harlem with a placard reading “I HATE NIGGERS”, Gruber plans to steal the bullion using a fleet of  realtively inconspicuous dumper trucks.

Does it work? Oh yes. Nearly. He gets away with the gold, and even manages to double-cross his second-in-command, only to be foiled at the last by McLane’s keen eye for a massive explosion.

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