Comic Corner, this week, pays a special visit to the launch of Ctrl.Alt.Shift Unmasks Corruption - a comic book comprised of many true short stories, created by some of the world's most compelling graphic novelists. Including Joe Sacco, multi-award winning author, featured in the above video interview.

The launch event showcased many of the featured stories from the 96 page graphic novel, each an easily digestible two to four sides. But they left a burning aftertaste, with hard-hitting truths that get all too little coverage in the world. From tales of freedom fighters born after seeing innocent women killed in Iran, to Africa suffering insatiable world’s greed. Even the simplest tale, of a man lamenting at his past spent in luxury on holiday in Bulgaria, is enough to make the reader want to help the less fortunate.

Older comics were also on display showing how the art form has strived to help causes over the years. Superman crouched over a small African child in the fight to promote awareness of starvation, was one such comic. Another showed Lois Lane stepping out of a machine that made her a black woman so she could experience racial separation for a day. Even Green Lantern had an issue focused on the, death by heroin addiction, of his partner. In recent years the strongest message has been the positive support of Obama, a cover depicting him being swung about the skies by Spiderman.

Now that comics are being taken more seriously than ever as money-making mediums by the fat cats, it’s time to use them for good once again. Ctrl.Alt.Shift. Unmasks Corruption breathes new life into the heroes of comics, except in this instance the heroes are the writers – helping to fight corruption about the world through awareness. If you haven’t read a comic before this is a great place to start. Have a sample at the comic blog here and help save the world.