What’s it about? How cowboys and zombies have never been combined before is beyond us. It’s genius, and a film adaptation goldmine that creator Mark Rahner and co-writer Robert Horton are sitting on. Set in America at the start of 1877, an army vet by the name of William Wade is on a mission with his ‘pardner’ J.J. Flynn to travel the wild west investigating outbreaks of the living dead. Fun. They are wokring for President Rutherford B. Hayes, who got into power without getting the popular vote, which means a political undertone that may turn out to parallel that of America in reality not so long ago. Except Bush didn’t have zombies, so he made up enemies further a field.

What’s special?  Zombie cowboys are pretty formidable foes. And in a time of greed, violence and superstition, they lead to more trouble than any other zombie story has been able to comprehend. From a mine full of the undead, to a father feeding people to his daughter, this trip doesn’t ease off the throttle for a moment. It’s one of those rare comics you actually yearn to be made into a film - so it can be absorbed by even more senses - but that you know could never do the comic true justice.

Look out for:
Some amazing art by Dan Dougherty in this doesn’t let you shy away from the gore in a true zombie-horror visceral reality that he creates. Watch out for a man having his cheek eaten by a yellow eyed deadite - while alive - for a shocking image. Not enough? Try an autopsy with an open chest in gory detail. That should get you retching appropriately.

If you liked…

The Story: Dead West is another western comic featuring zombies. Written by Rick Spears with art by Rob G, it’s a dark black-and-white beast of a book.
The Art: Dan Dougherty who drew Rotten in painful detail, can be found with his other greats here beardocomics.com.

Hot off the press: Steven King’s American Vampire has just been given the thumbs up by Vertigo Comics to be released in March 2010. Set in 1880, a badass cowboy gets bitten and is imbued with all the powers of a vampire. Pretty good in a shoot-out then. Hot girls and vampires are to be found right here in this True Blood clip.