So the question’s this: Why should you, FIFA 10 aficionado (and regular slayer of Xbox Live Gamertag FHMUK – we’re rubbish), fork out £40 for another game? The answer, according to Simon Humber, Line Producer for FIFA World Cup 2010, is because, “as a connoisseur of simulation football titles, you want to be at the cutting edge.”

There you go: right on the money. According to EA, there are over 100 gameplay enhancements in this meeting point between the universally acclaimed FIFA 10 (90/100 on and next year’s instalment. Specifically, they’ve addressed the whole chip shot ‘issue’, and worked extensively on player responsiveness and momentum. They've factored in the effect the altitude will have on the ball, so it'll be harder to add swerve and keep long range shots down, and they've even animated the real life managers. Yup, Diego Maradona will be shaking it on the sidelines.

And hey, come on, it’s the World Cup! There’s a full online mode, with the option to qualify through the main tournaments from all corners of the globe, refined AI to mimic home and away tactics in internationals, all the official stadiums, shit loads of confetti, flags, fireworks and, perhaps crucially, vuvuzelas. Up for it?

2010 FIFA World Cup, on PS3, Xbox 360 and Wii, is out on April 30