What’s it about? It’s about this Commando. Who’s Bionic. More specifically, he has a robotic arm, which is useful for grabbing, swinging, and killing. But you already knew that – and you’ve probably played a game a lot like it before. In a direct remake of the 80s side-scrolling classic, Capcom have recreated this newer, prettier version – and despite its 2D stylings, it’s well worth getting excited about.

Coolest feature? The arm. The throat-grabbing, platforming-swinging superarm. One of the best mechanics in the history of gaming, Rad Spencer’s robotic appendage redefined platformers. In this version you can grab enemies, barrels, buildings and bullets It’s a mechanized arm dammit. It’s amazing.

When can I buy it? It'll be out mid August on the PC, PS3 and XBox360. And it’ll only cost you £6.99. No joke – it really is that cheap.