Here it is: effortlessly cool, slobber-inducing gameplay footage for the most obsessively coveted title of 2008. It's why you bought a new console in the first place, dammit, and it's about time you had your special day. Check out these gobsmacking videos of the game in action. Then drop everything and go buy it.

What’s it about?
The free-roaming crime-‘em-up series returns. You're Niko Bellic, an East European con who jumps ship to Liberty City to join his cousin living his 'American dream'.

Coolest feature? Suddenly found yourself out-gunned? Simply make a quick call to your arms dealer and he’ll turn up with a wagon-load of bullets. Better still, the clunky combat controls of previous GTA games has been ditched in favour of a more intuitive Gears Of War-style cover system. All of which ought to make keeping the filth at bay that little bit easier.

When can I buy it? It’s on shelves now, doofus.

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