What is it? The top-down classic 1991 hit Alien Breed has been brought into the 3D future and it’s a good future. Control a ship engineer, Conrad, and scour the vessel for beasties of the alien variety. It has lots of scary monsters rendered in beautiful graphics and is available via download.

Why’s it good? Running around with a flamethrower killing everything that moves – when is that a bad situation (in a game scenario)? A two stick system means being able to move and aim at the same time which allows maximum death and a complete immersion of the senses. The more you up the skill levels – the more accurate your shots must be, so it takes a lot of practice to master.

What’s bad?
You might consider the simplicity of blasting constantly a little repetitive. We didn’t, as the constantly changing environments and aliens kept that flamethrower fed.

When? 18 December