What’s it about? Winner of countless “Game of the Year” accolades back in 2007, BioShock had one major flaw: no multiplayer. Thankfully, online play is set to be a big part of the upcoming sequel. Deathmatches are pitched as a kind of Running Man-style free-for-all, with players taking the role of weapons test subjects. So expect something different to the usual Halo and Call of Duty fare.

Coolest feature? As well as playing about with telekinesis, lightning bolts and other ‘plasmid’ powers, you can climb into the armoured, drill-equipped Big Daddy suit. At which point that mouthy teenager from the States might become slightly less of a smartarse.

When? It’s slipped back until 2010. Xbox, PS3 and PC gamers can expect to be playing it by March, at the latest.