Remember the first time you picked up a Guitar Hero axe? That's right: you felt like an idiot. And what's more depressing than a glimpse of someone playing Guitar Hero, on their own, in their front room? Not a lot. But, admit it we will. FHM has played lots of Guitar Hero. It's cathartic. You know where you stand. If you press all the buttons in the right order at the right time, the crowd go whoop. And DJ Hero packs a whole heap of whoop.

The controller features a rotating turntable with blue, red and green stream buttons, a crossfader, effects dial and a Euphoria¹ button (like star power in Guitar Hero). It's fiddly at first, but three tracks in and you¹re hooked. Hopelessly, pathetically, if-only-your-first-crush-could-see-you-now hooked.


There are over 100 songs, with 94 unique mixes. DJs Jazzy Jeff, Shadow, Z-Trip, Yoda, Cut Chemist, J.Period and The Scratch Perverts are all onboard, mixing everything from Daft Punk to David Bowie to NERD. Musically, it¹s pure gold. A single-player career mode and competitive multi-player means it¹s engrossing for both solo sessions and parties, with a non-interactive jukebox mode useful for those of us who¹d rather not have to explain how Aqua made it onto our iPods.

So, what's not to love? Try the price. Ninety quid for the standard version
and a credit-shredding £130 for the Renegade Edition (featuring tracks from Jay-Z and Eminem, a DJ stand and travel case) are big asks for a game that you've basically seen before. Still, tempted, aren't you?

DJ Hero, from £90, is available on Xbox 360, PS3 and Wii from October 30