E3 2009: the big news as it happens

Posted by , 01 June 2009

E3's Big Five: Day One

The new PSP

Leaked before the show even started, the PSP Go is Sony’s response to everyone who found 2007’s trimmed-down ‘Slim & Lite’ model still too clunky. The new slide-open incarnation, due out in autumn, is 43% lighter than the original, largely thanks to the removal of the UMD drive. This means you’ll need to download all your games and movies, then store them on the built-in 16gb solid-state hard drive. A bold move, but will it be enough to lift the ailing console above the infinitely more popular Nintendo DS?


Wii Remote 2.0

Though it’s been known about for some time, hands-on access to Nintendo’s Wii MotionPlus has been one of the biggest talking points of the show’s opening day. It’s a little box that bolts onto the bottom of the Wii controller, which translates your helpless flailing from hand to screen much, much more accurately. Wii Sports Resort, out July 24, will be the first title to test the new accessory, with events like sword-fighting, Frisbee and table tennis to have a pleasingly smooth crack at.


DJ Hero

At last – gameplay footage of the latest in Activision’s family of make-you-look-a-bit-of-a-tit rhythm games. Though it’s left us wondering exactly how the unique new turntable controller actually works, this new video suggests you’ll play the game in much the same way as its guitar-themed siblings, sliding the decks in different ways to pull off various types of beats. Elsewhere, it’s also been revealed that the game will boast over 80 tracks to grind through, making this potentially the most involving post-pub noise-fest yet.


Halo returns

Yup. Master Chief’s coming back. At the moment, all we've got on Halo: Reach is a title, a bland teaser trailer and an upsettingly distant release date. Even so, get it in your diary now. This is going to be huge.


Project Natal

Microsoft takes on Nintendo at motion-sensitive gaming. Only they’ve done away with the controller altogether. It’s a whole new concept in gaming. And in all honesty, we’re not quite sure what to make of it.


Other, slightly less awesome stuff:

Monkey Island is back!

The new Splinter Cell – gameplay footage!

Left 4 Dead 2!

Head back tomorrow for more news from the biggest, nerdiest event of the year...

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