E3 2009: the big news as it happens

Posted by , 04 June 2009

E3's Big Five: Day Three

Another DJ game? Yup

Just two days after we got a proper look at Activision’s DJ Hero, along comes another disc-spinning rhythm game. Though Scratch: The Ultimate DJ developers 7 Studios may not have as much experience in the field, the consensus is that their controller looks better. And they’ve got 2Pac on their tracklist. Dope.


Mass Effect 2

As expected, EA’s sprawling sci-fi RPG was the talk of the show’s third and final day. They’ve promised greater graphical detail, more varied animations and a bigger, more open-ended game world. And yes, you can still shag aliens.


Metal Gear Solid for Xbox 360

After years of Sony loyalty, Solid Snake is defecting to Microsoft. Metal Gear Solid: Rising has been confirmed for Xbox 360, with no word yet of a PS3 release. You’ll be playing “cyborg ninja” Raiden from MGS2, sneaking around and killing things. Ace.


Assassin's Creed II

Following mixed reactions to the first game, Ubisoft are keen to impress with the sequel. This time round, it’s set in Venice. So prepare to dump bodies in canals and swim about like a murderous, stabby fish. The press-one-button-repeatedly-until-dead combat system has been fixed, and the enemies are smarter. Shit.


Forza Motorsport 3

Going head-to-head with Sony’s Gran Turismo 5 this winter, the third of Microsoft’s hardcore racing sims packs in 400 cars and over 100 tracks. They’re also ‘borrowing’ the handy rewind feature from Grid, easing frustration when you slam into a barrier at 250mph.


Other, slightly less awesome stuff:

New Zelda on DS!

New Aliens vs Predator game on the way!

Tekken 6!

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