E3 2009: the big news as it happens

Posted by , 03 June 2009

E3's Big Five: Day Two

Two new Mario games

Easily the highlight of Nintendo's conference, Super Mario Galaxy 2 looks set to deliver more of the platforming brilliance of its 2007 predecessor. It's not out until next year, but it does have Yoshi in it. And we love that guy. But you'll not have to wait until then to waggle your Wii remote at the portly plumber - New Super Mario Bros. Wii is due in late 2009. It's an old-school 2D platformer, and looks to be stuffed with the same inventive Nintendo magic that we've been giggling at for decades.


Wii Sports Resort

Now just over a month away, Nintendo's follow-up to their phenomenally addictive launch title packs in a whopping 12 events. Basketball and archery were both show off, the latter extracting the bigger gasps of wonderment. Frisbee, jet skiing, wakeboarding, sky diving, bowling, sword-fighting, conoeing, cycling, table tennis and golf complete the line-up.


Saw: the game

Seen the films? All five of them? Been on the rollercoaster? Meet the game. It's a third-person survival horror offering, set between the first two films. So expect to be solving fiendish puzzles, dismantling organ-splattering traps and offing Jigsaw's unfriendly minions. And, inevitably, shitting your pants.


Tony Hawk reinvented

The Gnarliest Man in the World took to the stage on the second day of E3 to show off the tenth game to take his name. It comes bundled with a unique plank-shaped controller, which you stand on to play. Before promptly realising you've got the physical coordination of a pissed walrus and using it as a door stop.


Jack Black in Brutal Legend

Love him or hate him, Jack Black is heading to a console near you this October. He voices roadie Eddie Riggs, hack-and-slashing his way through metal-inspired landscapes and rubbing shoulders with rock royalty. Looks ace.


Other, slightly less awesome stuff:

God of War III out in March!

Alan Wake coming at last!

The new Pro Evo!

Head back tomorrow for more news from the biggest, nerdiest event of the year...

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