What is it? Ninja Theory, the people that made slick PS3 hack and slash Heavenly Sword, return to action with a game based on the ancient Chinese literary classic that Damon Albarn made into an opra. But don’t let that put you off.

Why we’re excited: Because we’ve played it. Publishers Namco Bandai let FHM get hands-on with a game that’s been written by Alex Garland (The Beach, Sunshine, 28 Days Later) and directed by Gollum boy Andy Serkis - who also plays lead character, the gruff and acrobatic Monkey - in a fully mo-capped adventure.

Enslaved gameplay

It’s set in a post-apocalyptic world that, for once, isn’t a dusty shit hole. Instead, it’s like they’ve taken Avatar’s Pandora and just plonked it on top of New York; all clapped-out buildings covered in lush and freaky plants. There’s a whiff of I Am Legend too; humans are gone but it wasn’t long ago. And best of all, you’re tasked with getting a girl called Trip home. Trip is easily the hottest computer game character since Lara Croft.

Trip Enslaved

To get a proper feel of the game, watch the gameplay video above. Basically, it's all the best bits (but none of the worst) of Prince of Persia, with all the excitement of spectacular, violent close combat and massively powerful guns. Excited.

When? October 8