What is it? The highly anticipated sequel to the critically acclaimed Game of the Year and hardcore gamers' favourite, Fallout 3.

Why we're excited? When talking game sequels it’s rare to say that lack of change is a good thing. When it comes to New Vegas, however, we can. As the old saying goes: "If it ain't broke, don't fix it". New developers Obsidian clearly abide by this mantra, as rather than changing a winning formula, it looks like they’ve focused their attentions on improving minor details, as opposed to overhauling the entire game engine. If this doesn't mean anything to you, just trust us; this is a good thing.

With the game set three years after Fallout 3, there are, of course, a load of new characters to interact with (including prostitute robots, for all you cyber perverts out there), a totally new environment to explore and a load of mutant creatures wandering the wasteland just waiting to be decapitated and dismembered by one of the many new weapons - including C4, grenade launchers and machetes -  at your disposal.

One of the biggest differences between the setting of New Vegas, as opposed to Fallout 3's Washington DC wasteland, is that Vegas hasn’t been affected as badly as the rest of the US. This means a load of casinos and hotels are still intact, which makes for a much more varied environment for players to explore. In idle moments you can now take time out to gamble you hard earned cash on card games and slot machines. What fun.

While the game looks similar in some ways to its predecessor, with changes - including a more accurate aiming system, a new ‘Hardcore’ mode (no, this doesn’t involve the prostitute robots) and a superior interaction system - this game has the potential be just as much of a hit as Fallout 3.

What we're nervous about? As we said: New Vegas does not look massively different from Fallout 3. While this could be a good thing, there's definitely a chance that fans of the previous game might be bored of the formula and were perhaps looking forward to a completely fresh addition to the Fallout series. Early signs suggest this doesn’t look like it's going to be the game they were waiting for, as the new developers look like they've played it a bit too safe in their attempt to improve on one of the best received games of recent years.

When? Fallout: New Vegas is out on Xbox 360 and PS3 on October 22