PC, Xbox 360; from £35

What’s it about?
Violette Summers is a WWII spy now languishing in a coma. So far so dull, but the screen soon goes all sepia and… it’s flashback time. Cue her reliving key missions – from hunting down and assassinating the ‘Butcher Of Paris’ to blowing up an underground fuel depot. Playing as Summers, you must sneak through Gestapo basements, hiding in shadows before knifing passing SS officers. It’s the usual pattern of wait, watch then move in for the kill – and it’s well executed. The visuals are an atmospheric mix of gloom and piercing searchlights, and the Nazi enemies are far from dumb.

What’s good about it?
The stealth/action mix is right on the money, visuals are good and missions well-designed.

What’s bad about it?
Beyond the pretty dresses, it’s fairly standard stealth action.

Odd, but enjoyable.