What is it: Final Fantasy creators Square Enix’s Front Mission series’ first step away from the RPG and Simulation scene towards the world of third-person action shooters. Basically, it’s a game full of robots with big guns.

Why we’re excited: The Front Mission series is huge in Asia and Evolved has proved to be such a hit over there that they’ve decided to bring the game to Europe for just the second time in the series’ history. If the Japanese love it that much, it must be great, right?

The most likely reason as to why Evolved has been such a smash in Japan is because this instalment has taken the series in a completely new direction, from a turn-based political RPG to an all-action third person shooter in which you control your Wanzers’s every action. Think GTA meets Mechwarrior. On speed.

The ‘Wanzers’, which, by the way, is pronounced ‘Von-zers’, are very much the central focus of the game, as you spend the entire time piloting them, customizing them and destroying everything in sight with them. Much of the developers focus has been placed on making them as fun to control as possible, and it shows.

Online multiplayer has also had a lot of work done on it. In this edition of the game you can be placed into a world in which you can interact with other people’s Wanzers and do all the things that Wanzers love doing together. Which we presume involves blowing stuff up.

What we’re worried about: This really is a game for a niche market. There’s a good reason why this is only the second game in the Front Mission series to be released in Europe and that’s because, traditionally, the Japanese like different things to what us boring Europeans do. See Beckii Cruel, Anime and Godzilla.

While the game will probably be more appealing to European gamers than others in the Front Mission series, without the correct marketing it won’t be given a second look by casual gamers, which is a shame, because from where we're sitting Evolved sure looks like decent value.

When?: Front Mission: Evolved is out on Xbox 360, PS3 & PC on October 8