Out next week: Metroid Prime: Triology

What? A compilation of the last three Metroid games, for the price of one. The first two originally appeared on the GameCube, (remember that guy?) and have been pumped full of all sorts of whizzy modern magic so you can now play them using the Wii’s vastly more gratifying controls. One of the most celebrated first-person-shooter franchises of the last decade, you play super-suited Samus, a bounty hunter with a massive gun for a right arm. With three separate campaigns to work through, this’ll keep you busy for hours. And you’ll enjoy every second.

When and where? It’s out on September 4, only on Wii.

Out next month: Halo 3: ODST

What? Officially, it’s an expansion pack for Halo 3 - one of the most phenomenally successful titles of the last decade. You don’t need the original game to play it, though. And with a whole new campaign and some fresh multiplayer maps, it’s more like a standalone title in its own right. Master Chief gets a rest this time out, as you control the slightly-less-awesome-sounding Orbital Drop Shock Troopers. Intergalactic military budgets being what they are, these guys aren’t blessed with Master Chief’s regenerating shield, meaning you might want to devise a slightly subtler attack plan than the tried and tested “Rambo method”.

When and where? In shops September 22, exclusively for Xbox 360.

Out next year: Heavy Rain: The Origami Killer

What? A high-concept, third-person role-playing game that looks a bit like one of those psychological Japanese horror movies that cause people to kill themselves. Plot details are sketchy, but will almost definitely involve you attempting to track down a serial murderer known at The Origami Killer. You’ll do so with a unique control scheme that throws the rulebook out of the window, using the PS3’s trigger buttons to walk, and the analogue sticks to move your head about. It could change gaming forever. Alternatively, it could be really, really annoying. Find out which next year.

When and where? Currently slated for ‘early 2010’, so expect to be playing it March-ish.