It’s been 18 months since the release of GTA IV and still Rockstar are finding ways of squeezing life out of their tabloid-irking title. Following on from (and, for £25, packaged with) The Lost And Damned, this is the second of two planned down-loadable episodes. And while L&D introduced souped-up hogs and lots of leather, Gay Tony’s got rainbows. And lots of leather.

You play Luis Fernando Lopez, a Dominican bodyguard to the game’s titular homosexual. Assignments stay true to the GTA formula and invariably involve driving somewhere, killing someone and/or blowing something up, then reporting back to the boss without dying. Ignoring the new side-quests, there’s over 20 new missions to play through, making it about a third of the size of GTA IV. The highlight being a section that sees you helping a deranged Arab mobster steal a subway train with a helicopter.


The game’s set in the exact same Liberty City, though it’s had a few new weapons and vehicles scattered around for you to play with. There’s an automatic shotgun that’ll ­rip a hatchback to shreds with just a few blasts, an advanced sniper rifle, and sticky bombs, which can be strategically placed and remotely detonated.

It’s nothing revolutionary, but for a sub-£15 download, it’s a great way for the morally defunct to while away a weekend or two, and essential for anyone who called in sick to play GTA IV.

­GTA IV: The Ballad Of Gay Tony, £13.60 (Xbox Live download) or £25 (on a disc with The Lost and Damned), is out on Xbox 360 on October 29