Hello Karima – welcome to FHM. How was our photo shoot?
It was just great. The clothes are unbelievably sexy, particularly the bikinis. It’s bizarre putting them on in this country at this time of year, but I always love wearing bikinis, particularly back home in Morocco where I spend all my time on the beach soaking up the rays. Don’t get me wrong though – I love the UK. I grew up here for a period and I love the Brits and their way of life.

Were you a Tomb Raider nut when you were younger?
Believe it or not, I actually played and completed the first two Tomb Raiders. I was completely obsessed with them. I’ve had a sneak preview of Tomb Raider: Legend, which looks like it could be the best one yet. But they won’t give me an advance copy – so I’m sulking.

Have they given you a Lara outfit for use at home?
I do have one, actually. Extremely short shorts, there’s some latex, plenty of leather and lots of toys. I’d wear it for a guy if he was extremely special. He must be charming, like the British. I like a little British class.

Then look no further.

Never mind. Who was better as Croft – Angelina Jolie or Nell McAndrew?
Well, I’m a huge Angelina fan – it doesn’t get much better than her. I know Nell is the British sweetheart and there’s no doubt she was certainly the most athletic Lara, but for me it’s going to have to be Madame Jolie.

She’s always the girl that other girls want to shag.
I can understand that, she’s beautiful.


We’ve got our 100 Sexiest poll results in the next issue. Who’s your sexiest woman in the world?
Probably Angelina. But I have a thing for the ’50s and ’60s look – Dita Von Teese, Bettie Page, that sort of thing. More recently, there’s Monica Belucci and Juliette Lewis. Juliette has a great attitude. She’s crazy.

Lara is most men’s ultimate fantasy. What’s yours?
Some sort of gladiator thing – but with Joaquin Phoenix rather than Russell Crowe.

You were in Alien Vs Predator. Any great stories?
I was sacrificed to a face-hugger in one scene and it was controlled by two animatronix guys. They made this horrible “animal” crawl up my leg and onto my face where it stuck its tongue thing in my mouth and laid an egg which later bursts through my chest. While doing it, the thing accidentally yanked up my dress, exposing my undies to everyone on set. I suppose it was a classic way to go, but I’d rather have gone out fighting the Predator, like Arnie.

What do you actually get to do as Lara?
I’m an ambassador for the game. I have to live as Lara, which is great, and learn to ride a motorbike. I’m taking SAS training to get me up to scratch on combat skills – and elocution lessons to sound like her.


Would you have played Princess Daisy in Mario Bros?
No. She’s much too girly. She has no punch.

We’ve got £50 million for you to play Miss Pacman...
No, it would be no fun.

Finally, who’d win if Lara took on Indiana Jones?
Well, I have two pistols, a grappling hook, four grenades, binoculars, everything. Indiana only has a whip.

Not true. Remember when that guy was showing off his sword-handling skills and Indy shot him?
Whatever. Lara would still win.

Original interview by Tom Cullen in the May 2006 issue of FHM UK magazine