The five biggest console releases of 2009

Posted by , 02 December 2008

Killzone 2

What’s it about? A sci-fi shooter four years in the making, and quite possibly the first-person saviour Sony nuts have been waiting for. The story is a familiar, uninspiring tale of intergalactic invasion, plotting Killzone 2 somewhere between Gears Of War and Haze. Textbook scenario aside, the game’s developers claim it’ll be the most cinematic and immersive game we’ve ever seen. But then, they would.

Coolest feature? Though it owes much to Gears Of War, KZ2’s “lean and peak” cover system will be your best friend in heated firefights. Unlike similar shooters, the first-person view will remain even when hiding behind walls, adding to “Hollywood realism” the developers are striving for.

When can I buy it? It’s out in February, exclusively for PS3.

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