What’s it about?
Platform games have been around for ages but there’s never been one as cute, simple and laugh-out-loud fun to play as LittleBigPlanet. Nor as inventive: levels can be created from scratch using a special tool kit, or you can share another player’s. In short? The funniest platform game ever.

Up to four players (online or not) run and jump through levels made of sticky-taped cardboard. A piece of sponge tacked to card with a sprocket on becomes a giraffe’s head and neck – with your tiny character able to grab and hold on to its squishy mouth as the head rears up – then leap up to face the next challenge. The four of you must compete to collect orbs, racing through the levels, dodging dangers and facing a brilliant patchwork onslaught of madcap inventiveness.

Gamers can easily customise their characters, tinker with existing levels, or create new ones from scratch – even sticking their own photos into them (nothing rude, says Sony). LittleBigPlanet's online mode means they can easily be shared, so even if you never create your own level, you’ll be able to download loads more.

What’s good about it?
Four-player co-op, side-splitting platforming genius. User-created levels add value.

What’s bad about it?
It’s relentlessly cutesy – in a slightly kiddy way.

PS3; £45