What’s it about
Faith is a rooftop courier jumping fences, running along walls and shinnying up drainpipes to get secure packages across the city… until she falls out with the police state. Cue lots of traversing sci-fi skyscrapers, dodging highly-armed helicopters, jumping through storm drains and diving under low-slung pipes. Jump Britain moves come with ease thanks to one of the most simplistic control mechanisms in living memory.

There’s an ‘action’ button, an ‘up’ button for running up walls, and a ‘down’ button for sliding under pipes. And that’s it. Now for the bad news: ammo is limited and you can’t pull flash moves while packing. So – although you can ice a few po-lice – running, punching and jumping are basically all Mirror’s Edge is most about.


What’s good about it?
Jaw-dropping visuals, fluid control system, real feel-of-chase pace.

What’s bad about it?
Cookie-cutter script, repetitive level design.

PC, PS3, Xbox 360; from £35