Up until recently, men spent their weekends productively: visiting family, sprucing up their living quarters, painting beautiful watercolours and so on. But as anyone with an Xbox Live account and a Call of Duty game will tell you, these things can wait. Indefinitely. Because between their authentic weaponry and expertly crafted maps, Activision’s war sims have become the most popular online shooters of all time.

And with the latest in the series – entitled simply Modern Warfare 2 – just a few months away, Activision have just revealed details of the game’s multiplayer mode. Here’s what’s in store:

Customisable kill streak rewards
These were pre-set in both Modern Warfare and World at War. Here, you get to choose the bonus attacks you get for racking up three, five, seven and eleven kills. There are 15 to unlock, including the ability to control an AC130 gunship. Sweet.

All-new weapons
Military nuts will be appeased by the inclusion of all the latest real-life equipment from the front line. We’re particularly excited about the guided rocket launcher shown off around halfway through the above video. Though it’ll be less of a novelty when it’s your helicopter it’s taking out.

Revamped XP system
The experience points of the pevious two games in the series returns, enhanced with a few extra incentives. You’ll now get extra points for taking out someone who’s been totally dicking on you, or killing a foe who’s in the midst of a big kill streak.

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