You already know what this is about, don’t you?
Call Of Duty 4: Modern Warfare was a genuine, life-stealing phenomenon – we’re still addicted to the online multiplayer. Two years, 13 million copies and nearly as many awards later its proper sequel (we’re not counting Call Of Duty: World At War, and neither should you) is finally here. But it’s been hyped beyond belief by excited games journalists (sorry about that) so can it really live up to expectations? Answer: yes. It’s across the board incredible.

What’s new?
Nestled alongside the single player campaign and multiplayer modes you’d expect, are a set of co-op missions called Special Ops. Specifically, 23 of them. Remember the mission “Mile High Club” where you blitzed through a plane shooting terrorists against the clock in COD4? Well they’re a bit like that – focussed and goal-orientated. And while there are standard “capture an enemy compound” type assignments, you’ll also find a snowmobile race and a bomb squad level. They’re Modern Warfare’s trump card – and they’re ace.

Bits you’ll be talking about in awed detail:
Warning, spoiler alert. The single-player mode drops shocking plot bombs at regular intervals. Like? Well, while undercover you have to massacre innocent civilians at an airport. It’s tough in a way no number of joyriding kill-sprees in GTA can prepare you for. And the way the nuclear attack on the US is handled is jaw-flooring in its complexity and impact.

Anything bad?
Check the price tag. It RRPs at £55, so you’ll do well to find it under £40 unless you get to a supermarket before they sell out. Tip: you’re probably already too late. And there’s barely any learning curve – just a tutorial then you’re straight into the warzone. You might find you die. A lot. But suck it up, it’s worth it.

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