Why we're excited: It’s a prequel to the Halo trilogy, and the final game from Bungie Studios before they hand guardianship of the franchise over to someone else. If you’ve dedicated a sizeable chunk of you’re life to slaying the Covenant and thrashing it out in multiplayer marathons, it’s a fight you probably don’t want to miss.

What’s new? A total reboot of the graphics engine, new execution techniques, an armour lock ability (you stick to the ground, but become invincible), sprinting, jet packs and cooperative play on campaign mode. Most excitingly, we’ve got proper space combat; no more farting around with low-flying banshees. Oh, and the Covenant don’t speak English. And, because you’re not playing as Master Chief, they’re not scared of you. At all.

Halo Reach firefight

What about multiplayer? The brilliant Forge map returns with significant customisation improvements, while the much-loved Firefight from ODST now has full Xbox Live support.

What’s the story about? Really? We know that there are ostriches and that it’s melancholy.

Halo: Reach is out on September 14

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