Where? Xbox 360, PS3

What's it about? It's F.E.A.R. 2, but big bad Warner Bros. dropped original publishers Vivendi (and the rights to the name) when they bought developers Monolith Productions. Political wankery aside, it's as you were: a snowballing paranormal crisis is threatening to destroy a major American city. You'll help the situation by assuming control of a Delta Force operative and his beefy arsenal. 

Coolest feature? Responding to 'samey' location criticisms of the original, here you'll have a half blown-up city populated by supernatural freakery to waltz around in. Your main foe, the Predator-like Assassins, now have taser-powered knuckle dusters to thrash about, facilitating a good examination of  your slow-mo Matrix reflexes and improved cover system.

When can I buy it? October 2008