What's it about?
The follow-up to the biggest name in the PS3’s launch line-up. It takes place in an alternate 1950s setting, where instead of Hitler gobbling up half of Europe, angry aliens turned up and started blowing stuff up. You are Black Ops soldier Nathan Hale, and it’s your job to stop them. Thankfully, you’ve got a massive gun.

What’s good about it?
It’s got the best graphics we’ve seen on Sony’s console so far, with incredible cinematic cut scenes and enemies that fall satisfyingly to pieces with every bullet. Missions are varied, with all manner of extra-terrestrial scum to obliterate. Live long enough and you’ll face off against some truly colossal bosses, and justifiably shit yourself. And when you’re bored of all that, there’s the terrifying prospect of 60-man online deathmatches and an innovative class-based co-op mode.

What’s bad about it?
By inheriting popular features from rival shooters, Resistance 2 sacrifices some of its identity. Where before you could lug round all the tools of destruction you laid your hands on, you’re now limited to just two weapons. The regenerating health of the Halo and Call Of Duty games is also in place, meaning you’ll be forever scrambling for cover and kicking your heels for a few seconds as you magically heal yourself.

Some will respect Resistance 2 for unnecessarily mucking about with a solid formula. Others will sulk and reach for Gears Of War 2. We’ll do both, but only because we get sent all our games for free.

When? Out now.