What’s it about? Having ditched his corrupt former employers, Sam Fisher is on his own. His mission: to track down those responsible for the death of his daughter and deal them some hard, stealthy justice. A brief squint at trailers suggests locations will include Washington DC and Malta, promising plenty of scope for level variation and some stunningly rendered environments.

Coolest feature? There’s a new “Mark & Execute” combat mechanic, allowing Sam to prioritise targets and take them out accordingly. Now off the government’s leash, there’s also the option to be more ‘creative’ with your interrogation techniques. Guard not up for talking? Dangle him out of a window, then see how he feels. Gameplay is also said to be more open-ended, with the option to slink through the game silently snapping necks, or charge in like an 80s action hero.

When’s it out? Scheduled for September 25, on Xbox 360 and PC.